Atlanta Full Service Law Firm

The law office of Thomas E. Jordan is a full service law firm. We provide quality legal representation to individuals and families in two major areas:  Personal Injury and Elder Law.

Personal Injury: Our legal system protects people who are injured because of someone else's fault. This includes auto accidents, truck accidents, DUI accidents, and slip or trip injuries. If you have suffered a serious or catastrophic injury because of an accident or medical malpractice, we will be glad to discuss your legal rights and aggressively pursue all legal claims.

Elder Law: We help individuals and families plan for the future with wills, powers of attorney, and adult guardianship/conservatorship. We can help with the probate of an estate when a family member dies, even if there was no Last Will and Testament.

Auto Accidents:  Auto accidents happen every day and even a routine accident can cause a major disruption in your life. Your car will need repair work and you will need medical treatment. In more severe cases, your car will be a total loss and you can have devastating permanent injuries. Insurance companies attempt to minimize their payments to injured people. We can help you deal with this inconvenience and will negotiate the best possible settlement from the insurance company.

Medical Malpractice:  Sometimes a medical mistake or substandard care will result in an unexpected permanent condition that can never be corrected. In those situations, you may have a legitimate legal claim. Even the most basic medical malpractice claims can be very complicated to properly litigate. We will be glad to review your case. If you have a condition or injury that was caused by substandard care, then he will discuss the pursuit of a case.

Wrongful Death:  There is nothing in life more emotionally devastating than the wrongful death of a family member. We will be glad to discuss your legal position and your legal claim for compensation.